Friday, November 18, 2022

New Conversion: Survival 3 Is Now Available! ??

Before the start of your holiday break, we a special surprise for everyone! We’re ecstatic to finally share the good news with you, Poptropicans! This one’s a double whammy…


Survival Island, Episode 3: Distress Signal, has been converted and is available to members


It's official! The wait is over – Survival Island, Episode 3 is NOW AVAILABLE! Members can now play Survival’s Episode 3: Distress Signal on desktop and mobile! Once you’ve finished the island’s first two episodes, you’re invited to embark on the third leg of the island's adventure. ?


Survival Island, Episode 3's intro popup. The graphic shows a Poptropican looking up at an abandoned radio tower. The caption reads, "You've found an old radio antenna. Now find a way to call for help!"


Continue your feat of endurance through the Yukon and search for opportunities for survival. You’re going to have to get crafty with your skills – supplies are limited and your only hope is calling for help from an abandoned radio tower. Are you up for the challenge?


Not only has Episode 3 made its long awaited return, but we've got one more surprise up our sleeve. As a treat for the entire Poptropica community, Episode 2: Hook, Line & Sinker has been opened to all players! ?


Survival Island, Episode 2: Hook, Line & Sinker, is now open to all players! The image features the Survival logo and forest outline in the foreground with a beaver sitting atop a pile of wood in the background.


Previously limited to members only, the second installment of Survival Island is now free to play for everyone. Push through the pain of your crash landing, you’ve got to survive! The winter is unforgiving for Poptropicans that must endure life in the Yukon with limited resources. Regardless of your prior experience, you’re going to learn to fish or die trying! ?


Who’s excited for the latest conversion?! Share your reactions with your fellow players in the comments below. Happy surviving, Poptropicans! ?

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: The Zomberry Hero Special Event Is BACK! ??‍♂️

Zomberry Hero Special Event


Starting today, all players can play the Zomberry Hero Special Event for a limited time! Veteran players will remember the original Zomberry Island, where a mysterious illness befell the citizens of Eastman. 


Zomberry Hero portal on Home Island


New reports of a Zomberry resurgence are wreaking havoc on the islands. It seems another batch of tainted blueberry smoothies are the culprit behind the latest outbreak. Once again, it’s up to you to be the hero! ??‍♂️


Blueberry-induced Zomberry Outbreak


Grab your flashlight and stock up on pineapple antidote. Keep your eyes peeled while patrolling 3 downtown areas that are crawling with zombies. When you stumble across the Zomberries, aim, shoot, and splatter them with pineapple slime to administer the antidote! The infected Poptropicans will be cured and return to normal, although a little shaken.


But be warned! When you get too close to the Zomberries, your fear meter will skyrocket. If your fear meter maxes out, you’ll pass out from fright and have to restart the level. ?


Luckily, with great risk comes great reward. Complete all 3 stages to claim your rightful title of “Zomberry Hero” and earn 1000 credits! ?


Zomberry Hero outro comic, featuring Zomberry alligators


Tread lightly, Poptropicans. Be berry careful while venturing into the heart of the outbreak. We highly recommend having your audio on for this one! 


Once you complete the special event, report back here and share your reactions with your fellow Zomberry heroes! Which stage is your favorite? Did you catch any Easter eggs? ?

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Red October is in full swing on Home Island! ?

Sometime during the night, Rumpel has fled the Airship and a new force has taken his place. Brace yourselves, Poptropicans. We’re finally in the presence of… The Red Queen! ?


Red October's Airship - Red Queen's Request


The Red Queen of Fairy Tale Island, conqueror of 7 systems and mother to the Baron, has finally made her first appearance! Royal guards in tow, the infamous queen’s return to Home Island comes with one mission in mind – to slay the beastly captor that’s kidnapped the Baron. 


There’s much to be learned from the new royal. Word of advice: make haste to the Airship to speak with the Red Queen! She isn’t in the mood for dilly-dallying.


The Red Queen on the Airship's Flight Deck


Despite the chaos, the Cabin of Curiosities has still gotten its monthly restock. As promised, all players can now purchase this year’s set of Halloween costumes for FREE! Candle Cat, Homemade, Pumpkin Magic, Zombie Redcoat, Flowy Man, and Jellyfish await! Along with the rest of October’s treasures, two Jack-O-Lanterns (50 credits each) and a Rumpel-ized Baron Plushie (200 credits) are also up for grabs. ?


Red October's Halloween Costume Designs


Red October's Halloween Costumes


This month’s Airship is unforgettable – run, don’t walk! After speaking with the Red Queen, share your first thoughts/reactions in the comments section! What do you think of the infamous royal? What do you think will happen next?! ?

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

PoptropiCon, Episode 3: Reign of Omegon is finally here! ?

PoptropiCon, Episode 3: Reign of Omegon


PoptropiCon, Episode 3: Reign of Omegon is NOW AVAILABLE! The third and final island installment has been converted to its former glory. Starting today, members can begin the epic conclusion of the PoptropiCon trilogy on desktop and mobile!


PoptropiCon episodes on the map


“Omegon has taken over and he won’t stop until he’s transformed everyone into a hench-bot. Only you can acquire the powers of the Mighty Action Force and save PoptropiCon!”


PoptropiCon, Episode 3: Reign of Omegon popup



You’ve found a way inside Poptropica’s hottest event of the year. You uncovered the most anticipated film’s top-secret costume design. Now, your toughest challenge awaits. Are you ready to resist the Reign of Omegon? ?


Channel the heart of the Mighty Action Force heroes and hurry to the map! The fate of the world depends on you, Poptropicans! ?

Thursday, August 11, 2022

August's Cabin of Curiosities: 2 Free Costumes and Unsettling Inventory ?

Although the Airship has arrived Baron-less, the sky pirate’s Cabin of Curiosities is suspiciously well stocked and in order. Has Ack been holding down the fort? Whatever the case, there’s new discoveries to be made in the Airship’s popup shop! ?


First up: August’s free costume and the winner of last month’s costume contest. As always, choosing only one costume is a ridiculously tough decision. Thank you to everyone who participated in July’s contest round! August’s installment is set to begin tomorrow – keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcement and updated details. 


Now, without further ado, this month’s winning costume is… THE HAIR by Prickly Tooth! ??


The Hair Costume by Prickly ToothAugust's Free Costume Aboard the Airship


Add “The Hair” to your wardrobes (for FREE) to start customizing the ‘fit’s floral aura, silky tresses, white top, and brown bottoms. Massive props to Prickly Tooth for designing such a flowy, flowery costume! Well done!


August's Cabin of Curiosities


On the opposite end of the Cabin of Curiosities, all players can scoop up another free outfit – The Banana costume – complete with a banana peel, yellow shades, and sword. Like last month’s Cabin haul, August’s inventory highlights another character: The Baron! Despite the sky pirate’s absence, the Baron (and their trusty sidekick, Ack) are the main inspirations for the clubhouse collection.


Browse the Baron and Ack Painting (300 credits), Ack Plushie (200 credits), Ack’s Litter Box (5 credits), Wooden Mug (10 credits), Chest of Scrolls (100 credits)? Perhaps they seem familiar? Where have we seen these items before? ?


Remember, the Airship and its Cabin contents are only available for a limited time! Be sure to stop by the floating vessel ASAP to secure this month’s 2 free costumes and the Baron and Ack’s clubhouse collectables. Don’t let the captain’s absence fool you – the Airship waits for no one!


What are your first impressions of August’s Cabin of Curiosities haul? How weird is the Airship without the Baron?! Does anyone else feel the difference? Let us know! ?

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Poptropica Comics Are BACK! ?

Beginning today, all players can start reading the Poptopica comics on desktop and mobile! As a bonus, you won’t have to wait long to find out what happens next. Rather than keep you waiting, more comics will be added EVERY DAY! ?


To kick things off, four comic strips have been added to the archives, with more installments arriving daily! 

Mystery of the Map comics


Head to the map to meet two misplaced students, Oliver and Jorge, as they struggle with the aftermath of dropping out of thin air into Poptropica. How will the duo navigate unknown dangers and mysterious lands? Will the islands mold the unsuspecting kids into hardened adventurers or is the pair at the mercy of a local hero? Only one way to find out...


Well, what are you waiting for? Experience Poptropica from an entirely new perspective and follow along the comical adventures that await our new friends. Safe travels, Poptropicans! ??

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Rumpel's Challenge is now OPEN TO ALL! ??

Well, well, well “little adventurers.”


The secret’s out – Rumpel’s Challenge side quest is now open to everyone on desktop and mobile! ??


Rumpel's Challenge is now available to all!


After Rumpel’s disappearance at the end of Fairy Tale Island, the thief of happy endings has returned. This time, he has a challenge for you – find the real King of Fairy Tale Island! ?


Of course, Rumpel won’t be making this rescue mission easy for us. Unravel the magic man’s mischiefs by following his riddles to the source.


Rumpel's Challenge pop up


Run, don’t walk, Poptropicans! Complete Fairy Tale Island before meeting Rumpel on Mainstreet. The rightful king is awaiting his happy ending! ?✨

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Hoptropica Has Returned to the Map! ?

This special event is a hoppin’ way to earn credits and test your arcade agility! ?


Choose your favorite evil doc! Play as Dr. Hare or Dr. Beev in pixel form. Try out both characters to play against different backgrounds: Dr. Beev’s woodland habitat or Dr. Hare’s sunset cityscape. Which is your favorite of the two? ?


Hoptropica Event


Replay as many times you’d like – the credits will keep on comin’. Stock your credit reserves in preparation for next month’s store updates, you’re going to want the brand new gear we’ve got planned!


Bounce, hop, and hurdle  into this special event while you can. Hoptropica is only returning for a limited time!


Now that you’re up to speed on the latest hop-penings, are you TEAM BEEV or TEAM HARE? ??