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About Poptropica®

Poptropica® is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica's engaging quests, stories and games.

Kids create a "Poptropican" character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to enjoy a narrative that is often rooted in factual history. Problem-solving skills are honed as kids discover and solve mysteries unique to each Island.

There are always new areas to explore in this ever-expanding world where kids can collect objects, read digital books and comics, watch movies and compete in head-to-head competition. Parents can always trust that their children are playing — and learning — in a safe online environment.

Poptropica is published by Family Education Network, a part of Sandbox Networks, Inc.

Poptropica was selected as an Official Honoree in the 17th Annual Webby Awards in the Games category.


Your Child's Account
Friends and Social Interaction on Poptropica

Your Child's Account

A Poptropica® user account is not required to play Poptropica. An avatar (Poptropican character) is needed to play, which requires the player's age and gender. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from players.

A user account is required to enjoy certain features of Poptropica, such as viewing a personalized "Welcome Back" page, accessing items in the Poptropica Store, adding friends, and getting Membership. In order to create a user account, just click on the "Save" button in the lower right hand corner of any Island screen and enter a username and password. Players should not include their name or any other identifiable information when creating their username.

Your child's avatar name (e.g. "Scary Tomato"), which is displayed to other users, is randomly generated. It is different from the username that your child selects to save and log in to their user account.

If your child would like to set up the "Forgot Password" feature, a parent email address is required in order to do so. An email will be sent to the parent email address which requires you to confirm this request. If you confirm, and your child's password is forgotten in the future, you'll be able to reset the password.

Poptropica® does not share any user information with other sites, nor do we collect user information from other sites.

Friends and Social Interaction on Poptropica

Players can interact with one another in common rooms by using scripted chat options. No free typing is possible, and therefore no personal information can ever be shared.

Poptropica's friends feature allows players to express themselves on Poptropica. They can share basic information about their personality, mood, and achievements. Players build their profile page by answering multiple choice Pop Quiz questions.

No personally identifiable information is collected from players, or shared with other players.

Press & Media

05/23/2017 - Poptropica Launches Poptropica Worlds


Poptropica Launches Poptropica Worlds

Reimagining of Iconic Kids Digital Play and Learning World Goes Live for Web and Mobile

BOSTON/LONDON, 23RD MAY 2017 - StoryArc Media's Poptropica has launched Poptropica Worlds, a reimagining of the safe, engaging, and interactive learning world that, for a decade, has consistently captivated millions of kids 6-12 through fun, immersive storytelling.

Poptropica Worlds is available now to play for free, as a seamless experience between web and mobile. The announcement was made by Abhi Arya, President, StoryArc Media and Co-Founder and Partner, Sandbox & Co.

Created by Jeff Kinney, author of the hugely successful Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, Poptropica is about immersive and interactive storytelling. Poptropica Worlds stays true to these roots and takes Poptropica's immersive narrative to the next level.

Poptropica Worlds provides users with enhanced game mechanics, greater customizability and masterful new graphics. It also offers users a more robust and dynamic mobile experience and can be synced across web and mobile devices via the user's Poptropica Cloud account. Players will be able to transfer their accounts from Poptropica to Poptropica Worlds to preserve their Poptropican character name and look.

In Poptropica Worlds, every child gets to be the hero of their own adventure. Kids are empowered to explore a chain of story-based islands where they can battle monsters, solve mysteries and complete quests as their personalized Poptropican avatar that they create and build out.

Poptropica Worlds will launch with a new customizable Home Island; the Home Island will be an extension of the player's avatar that reflects the adventures they choose within the game. Poptropica Worlds will also launch a new story island, Crisis Caverns, about a supervolcano that threatened to blow Poptropica sky high. Crisis Caverns is modelled after the supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park, and is focused on teaching geology concepts. Poptropica Worlds will add subsequent islands, mixing new islands with remastered islands from the classic Poptropica.

Jeff Kinney said: "It's exciting to see a brand-new version of Poptropica for a new generation of kids. Quite a lot has changed since Poptropica launched in 2007. Back then, 'mobile' was barely a whisper. Poptropica has been rebuilt from the ground up, and millions of kids will spend countless hours enjoying the worlds we've created."

"Since the Sandbox acquisition in late 2015, we at StoryArc have been hard at work conceptualizing the most dynamic ways to enhance what is already one of the most popular and beloved digital experiences in all of children's media," added Arya. "Poptropica enjoys unrivalled brand equity with a huge, passionate and loyal user base. At the heart of everything we do, we have kids in mind. The challenge has been to build something even more amazing. Poptropica Worlds is the result of a year's worth of thought, creativity and execution from the most awesome game designers in the industry. We are super excited about what we are about to unveil, and we know both our current and future fans are going to love it."

Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica's engaging quests, stories, and games. Poptropica cultivates a child's knowledge and skills by sparking their natural curiosity and providing a high calibre informal education platform that allows kids to explore, play and have fun. By engaging with Poptropica, kids explore such learning fundamentals as literacy and problem solving as well as 21st Century skills and other subjects that are customizable to their interests. Poptropica is free to play, while monthly paid membership offers kids a deeper immersive experience. It will be available on the web, iOS and Android.

Poptropica has consistently sustained and grown its status as a platform leader and has continued to inspire repeat engagement from both its dedicated fans and those new to the platform. The Poptropica ecosystem now includes games, books and merchandise. The platform currently has over 2 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Poptropica was named one of Time Magazine's "50 Websites that Make the Web Great."

The original Poptropica game that multiple generations of children have come to love will still be available to players. In fact, a membership to Poptropica gets kids premium access to both Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds platforms for 2017.

Poptropica is part of Sandbox & Co's group of award-winning products, platforms and brands for millennial parents and their children. The group consists of Hopster, Tinybop, SuperAwesome, TeacherVision, FamilyEducation and more. Together, the group currently reaches over 20 million kids, parents and teachers worldwide every month, helping to drive the Education 2.0 revolution through interactivity, creativity, exploration and personalisation.

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About StoryArc Media
StoryArc Media delivers engaging, interactive experiences that combine ample fun and learning through inspired creativity perfectly suited for today's digital native.

StoryArc Media and its sister company, FEN Learning, are owned by Sandbox & Co.

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Sandbox and Co. (SBX) is a millennial education company with engaging online educational products and services that make learning fun. Its goal is to help millennial children acquire the knowledge and skills they'll need for today... and tomorrow.

Founded in December 2014, SBX has created a platform in order to enable the development of cutting edge products, optimise monetisation of the products and scale the products across existing and new markets.

The group is made up of award-winning products, platforms and brands including Hopster, Tinybop, SuperAwesome, Poptropica, TeacherVision, FamilyEducation and more. Together, they currently reach over 20 million children, teachers and parents worldwide, every month.


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